Postpartum perineal pain is a fact of life after childbirth, but it can be comfortably managed with Australian-made Medichill Peri-Pads

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What Medichill can offer you

Perineal Cold PacksOver a period of 25 years our specialist nursing and midwifery staff have helped develop a more natural way of dealing with perineal pain in very simple to use solution, the Medichill 'Cool Cube' Peri-Pads, used to ease perineal pain, aid healing and promote a faster return to normal movement. The benefits of cold therapy to sore and inflamed areas are well known. It aids reduction of swelling, numbs nerve endings that transmit the pain signals and promotes a prompt recovery. The Peri-Pads deliver these benefits in a very simple and inexpensive way and they can be simply disposed of when soiled or treatment completed. They are safe, non-invasive and an alternative to oral analgesia.






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Birthing - What you can expect

The pain associated with a vaginal delivery was supposed to end with birth of the baby, right? Unfortunately, a few kilos worth of baby passing through a relatively small opening causes discomfort and sometimes even vaginal tears. The perineum is the area of skin and muscle found between the vagina and the anus. During childbirth it stretches to allow the baby's head through. As you're trying to put the memories of the contractions and the delivery behind you, there will probably be some tenderness, swelling and irritation in your perineal area.

Your recovery time and the amount of perineal pain you experience will vary by your method of delivery. Here's what you can most likely expect:

  •     Vaginal birth without tears: The entire perineal area and rectum will be swollen after birth, and you'll likely feel discomfort in the area for three to five weeks.
  •     Vaginal tear or an episiotomy: Expect the wound to heal in seven to ten days and to feel especially sore and sensitive for six weeks or more.
  •     C-section following labour: Depending on how long you pushed and whether baby's head came close to crowning, expect some discomfort after birth.
  •     It's also possible that during delivery you may develop hemorrhoids, which can range from uncomfortable to extremely painful.

Be prepared. Medichill Peri-Pads satisfy the expectant and nursing mother’s needs for soothing comfort, hopefully making the birth of your baby memorable for all the right reasons.

Make sure you pack them in your hospital bag as well as having them ready in your home freezer

Medichill Cold Pack - Heat Pack VideoThe Medichill Peri-Pad is used by hospitals and health care providers internationally and they are now available for you. Please be aware that as the Peri-Pad is generally sold commercially in to hospitals they are not readily available in all pharmacies, so please visit our online shop to purchase.

How to apply
Medichill 'Cool Cube' Peri-Pads are applied in the following way:

a) by inserting into sanitary napkins, giving considerable relief of pain and achieving faster ambulation (movement),

b) in a disposable Medichill cover,

c) through own underwear,

d) held on-site by hand

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New Mums say...

5 star

"For my first Bub I went private, so I stayed in hospital for four days where I had access to the Medichill ice packs - which were heaven - so I wanted to stock up for home this time around."
Kind regards

"Thank you. I just gave birth at John Hunter Hospital. They gave me some, your product really is truly fantastic and unique. They should stock you guys in all chemists. Thanks."

"Hello Medichill, I couldn't find any timings for deliveries on your website but I am very much hoping the delivery is quick as I've just come out of hospital and used these fantastic ice pads. The hospital couldn't give me any more than a couple which I have already used. Thanks."
Sian Champkin

"It's a great product that St John of God Hospital gave me to use during my healing process right after giving birth. I totally recommend this product for childbirth pain."
C Seet

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