Applying Smiles with Tie Chilly Neck Coolers

tie chilly neck coolers

Experience the latest in real body cooling technology, the Tie Chilly Neck Cooler enables you to stay cool and comfortable when you’re feeling hot and can warm you up when you're cold

This unique and lightweight neck cooler offers comfortable body cooling relief during hot weather or if working in a hot environment. PLUS the neck cooler can be microwaved and used warm in the cold winter months.

The Tie Chilly Neck Cooler offers real ice cool relief because the body cooling strip is actually frozen prior to use. It is a versatile and effective solution for rapidly lowering the body’s temperature by reducing the effects of heat exhaustion and discomfort by creating a natural body cooling system.  It works the other way as well, yes, the internal strip once hydrated can be safely microwaved giving warmth in winter and loosening stiff necks.

When frozen, the cooling strip remains flexible and dry, when inserted into the comfortable sleeve and placed around the neck, you sense the body cooling relief immediately. The Tie Chilly Neck Cooler will last for years and with the availability of additional cooling strips, prolonged relief and comfort is achievable by simply having the additional strips frozen ready for use.

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The Tie Chilly Neck Cooler is ideal for:

  • Outdoor Workers
  • School Sports Days
  • Promotional Product Giveaways
  • Company Uniforms & Gifts
  • Tourism Operators
  • Event Support Staff
  • Council Workers
  • Aged Care
  • Chefs and Bakers
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Sufferers
  • Retail Souvenirs and many more!

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Personalise your Tie Chilly Neck Coolers
Now you can have your own logo on the Tie Chilly, making it an ideal gift for your staff or clients, a souvenir of your local area, part of your team’s uniform or a fundraiser for your school.
We offer full artwork and design facilities as well as an artwork suitability check, prior to any order placement, if you are unsure of its suitability to reproduce.

Tie Chilly Neck Coolers can be supplied either:

  1. Individually Packed – The Tie Chilly Neck Cooler includes the outer sleeve and inner cooling strip. They are packed individually no matter what quantity you purchase and comes with complete instructions for use.
  2. Loose Packed – A more economical option, the Tie Chilly Neck Cooler includes the outer sleeve, cooling strip and instructions and are loose packed in cartons.

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KEEPING YOUR STAFF COOL FOR MAJOR EVENTS and what a major customer had to say...

...During the month of January 2014 Melbourne experienced an extreme weather period that ran for 5 very hot days. This period coincided with a major event held in Melbourne.

Our team members work in outdoor positions at this event and were exposed to the difficult climatic conditions of the period. During this time we distributed Medichill’s Tie Chilly to all of our team to reduce the effect of the heat. The Medichill Tie Chilly was a helpful instrument during this time and did assist with providing respite to our team.

Event Staffing Manager


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