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AUSTRALIAN MADE Medichill Cool Cubes for Children, successfully used in schools for over 20 years.

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Our duty of care is paramount and the application of ice packs or gel packs (cold therapy) is still one of the most efficient and safest forms of first aid treatment for children in pain.

While this may be the case, are you tired of handing out ice packs to students that never get returned?  The cost and inconvenience of this issue is still one of the most common complaints we hear from school nurses and support staff. Now there is a solution that manages the risks and satisfies the budgetary constraints, Medichill Cool Cubes for Children are far more cost effective than ice packs and gel packs but more importantly the children feel very comfortable using them and if they don’t get returned to you, it will not break the bank.

LARGE enough for stiff necks, sore backs and corked thighs
SMALL enough for toothaches and headaches
COLD enough for emergency first aid treatment of soft tissue injuries
WARM enough for stomach cramps, tight muscles and menstrual pain
SAFE enough for children to use on their bumps and bruises
EFFICIENT enough to stay frozen longer than ice and dry when thawing
FLEXIBLE enough to wrap around knees, ankles and elbows
ECONOMICAL enough to be disposed of after use, but can be reused by same patient
DRY enough to insulate medications in a small bag

The Medichill Cool Cubes for Children are manufactured to ISO 9001 and are registered with TGA Australia, CE Europe and Medsafe NZ. They are completely safe and non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Interesting Facts

Heat Exhaustion: Children produce more heat per kilo of body weight than adults and sweat less, resulting in greater susceptibility to heat stress and dehydration. Medichill Cool Cubes can help reduce and stabilise body temperature.

Medication Storage: Medichill Cool Cubes can be used for storage and transportation of temperature sensitive medications. When used in an insulated bag it stays frozen for long periods and remains dry when thawing, ensuring the contents are not compromised, this makes it ideal for use when flying or driving for long periods of time.

What some of our customers have to say:

Excellent. Very easy and hygienic. The children are happy to use them
HW – Walgett Community College- New South Wales

Excellent for children. They find it pleasing
SR – Marayong Heights Primary School – New South Wales

Great for getting kids out of the Health Centre and back to class faster. Saved on more expensive non-disposable ice packs for more serious injuries. ”The children think they are great. Good size portable. Like the gel feel when they melt”.
SR – Loreto School – New South Wales

Very useful especially in the Primary School as we can cut them for use on small injuries The children come and ask for them for all non bleeding injuries. They seem to provide instant relief. ”We can’t seem to stock enough for demand”
JC – Mt Heights School – Tasmania

Easy Purchase Options

Schools can order online by using a PURCHASE ORDER, simply checkout and select purchase order when prompted.
An automatic trading account is opened and an invoice is sent with the goods.
Or you can contact our Customer Care team and order over the phone, simply call 1800 351 232

Other Customers can buy online and pay by VISA or MASTERCARD Credit or Debit Cards, or by Paypal Account. All payments are made through Paypal’s secure gateway.



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