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AUSTRALIAN MADE Medichill ‘Cool Cube’ Ice Pads and Ice Bandages

A reliable pain relief solution that assists with:

  • minimising oral analgesia and patient administered analgesia for pain relief
  • minimising cross-infection due to ability to be disposed of after use
  • maximising comfort and promoting prompt recovery for patients after medical procedures

Unlimited shelf-life prior to activation
Same patient can re-use, or if soiled simply dispose
Flexible when frozen
Economical - can cut sheets to smaller sizes
Stays frozen longer than same volume of ice or ice packs
Contents are not harmful and are non-allergenic
Manufactured to ISO 9001 and registered with TGA Australia, CE Europe and Medsafe NZ.

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Medichill ‘Cool Cube’  Ice Pads and Ice Bandages can be used on any ward within the hospital for the management of pain and for rehabilitation procedures.

The features of the 'Cool Cube' Ice Pads and Ice Bandages include the unique ability to be cut to varying sizes, same patient can re-use, flexibility when frozen and of course the fact that they can be microwaved for a safe heat pack. They are definitely the ice packs of the future and can be utilised in many ways within a hospital therefore maximising cost effectiveness and inventory management while delivering easy-to-use pain relief to the patient.

In fridge ready for use on:
Haematomas, Bruising and Sprains
Reduction of swelling
Alternative to oral analgesia whilst waiting attention by Doctor
Apply to inflamed areas to cool and comfort

Post treatment for pain relief and prevention of haematomas or bruising and can use heated for aiding rehabilitation

Use frozen for Dental day cases – following the removal of wisdom teeth or dental and jaw reconstructions
Orthopaedic day cases – on knees following an arthroscopy – to reduce swelling and pain
On ankles, arms or shoulders for pain relief and reduction of swelling

To treat hypothermia
For malignant hyperthermia – use the ice bandage on the roll to lay over torso

To soothe pain and pacify
Use frozen to numb prior to procedures
Pyrexia – to cool

Antenatal – for headaches, aches and pains
To cool Mothers in the warmer months
Use heated for wrist pain in carpal tunnel
During Labour – for soothing and relief of discomfort of early labour – use the ice bandages for back pain, shoulders and upper back and to relax the neck muscles and the ice pads tucked in to clothing allowing mum to move around if required.
Post natal – for reducing and relieving pain on the perineum, haemorrhoids and heals caesarean section scaring.
Nursing Mothers – for painful full breasts and breast engorgement, used chilled not frozen.

For use with Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy – HIE to cool body temperature
To warm body
To give to mothers to aid/relieve breast feeding problems

For use on any area that needs reduction of inflammation – wrap the ice bandage and hold in place with a cohesive bandage
Rehabilitation of chronic and acute injuries
As a heat pack or cold pack for pain relief on any part of the body

Post-surgical treatment using Ice bandage to replace Cryocuff
Great for relief of pain following: THR, ACL, Reconstruction Surgery, Shoulder decompression

Any area that needs ice or cool therapy – especially with recent injuries
To increase blood flow to specific areas use warm
Use warm for fine motor reflexes

Chilled to numb areas prior to fine needle aspirations or biopsies
Post procedure to relieve discomfort

Frozen for transportation of bloods or fluids
Following colonoscopy, if experiencing wind pains, use as a heat pack

Read more detailed information on hospital uses – PDF

Caesarian Section hospital trial results – PDF

What the practitioners and patients have to say:

Very happy to tell you the years we have been using the Medichill ice pads post Ceasarean Section have been a great success, insofar as pain relief is concerned. The use of the Medichill ice pads have been very well received by the Clients, Midwives and Doctors.

The positive outcomes being reduced PCIA use and the physically comforting/soothing effect.

There were no adverse outcomes recorded.

Since completion of the Trial, it has been decided to continue with the Medichill Ice pads post-operatively, on ”B” ward, as part of Client management for the first 24 hrs.

CD Clinical Nurse/Midwife – Albany Hospital

It’s a great product that St John of God Hospital gave me to use during my healing process right after giving birth

My ‘as natural as possible’ birth, I had the epidural plus top ups in the end, went for 21 hours before my beautiful baby girl was born.

I had an episiotomy which is equivalent to a second degree tear. My obstetrician stitched my perineum up and then the midwife placed around 4 frozen Medichill Ice Pad sectors into a sterile non-woven combine (10x20cm) and this was placed on top of a maternity period pad.

After each hour the whole lot was binned due to it being soiled and was not reusable and new ones were then used in the same way. This helped with the swelling and bruising. It was still painful even with the drugs they gave me, panadol & tramadol. Medichill helped take the edge off.

I used Medichill Ice Pads for the first 3 days then a nurse told me that I had to let the blood flow and let area heal itself. It was so painful without the ice. The fifth day a physio came to do a therapeutic ultrasound on my perineum pain and haemerroids. The physio told me it was up to me if I wanted to use the Medichill Ice Pads. I wish I did keep using them during those couple days because it would of saved me a whole lot of discomfort. Total 8 days in hospital because my daughter had jaundice, and had to bake under UV lights.

At SJOG hospital, the Medichill Ice Pads stored in the freezer all cut up into combinations of 3s & 4s. Patients are welcome to help themselves and use them anytime or else they can call a nurse who will get them.

I totally recommend this product

CS – Western Australia

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