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AUSTRALIAN MADE Medichill Cool Cubes - hospital grade pain relief used in maternity wards internationally

Preparing for the birth of your first baby, or even with successive mums, can conjure up all kinds of feelings. Issues like TIREDNESS, PREGNANCY PAIN, STRESS, CHANGES TO BODY, LACK OF SUPPORT, CHILDBIRTH PAIN and UNCERTAINTY WITH PARENTING SKILLS can lead to discomfort and anxiety putting additional pressure on you.

While Medichill Cool Cubes cannot claim to be a cure for all of these it can certainly make you feel a lot more comfortable before, during and after the birthing experience and this alone can reduce the stress and anxiety levels.

Over a period of 20 years our specialist nursing and midwifery staff have helped develop a more natural way of dealing with pregnancy pain and childbirth pain in very simple to use solution, the Medichill ‘Cool Cube’ ice pads and more specifically the IP22 Peri-Pad, used to ease perineal pain and aid healing.

Medichill Cool Cubes can be supplied to size, like the IP22 Peri-Pad or cut from the larger IB01 Ice Bandage sheet, the choice is yours. All have the ability for same patient re-use or can be disposed of when soiled or treatment completed. They are safe, non-invasive and an alternative to oral analgesia. They manage the discomfort of back and neck pain, stomach aches, stabilising the fluctuations of body temperature, ease headaches prior to birth and during labour. They also provide comfort for haemorrhoids and relieve breast soreness and engorgement. They satisfy the expectant and nursing mother’s needs for soothing comfort, hopefully making the birth of your baby memorable for all the right reasons.

Medichill is used by hospitals and health care providers for childbirth pain internationally and they are now available to you.



  • Reduces pain to any tender muscles, neck hips and back (use cool or heated) and is also ideal for treating headaches without analgesia.
  • Lowers body temperature and promotes comfort in the warmer months.



  • Reduces heat and aids discomfort of engorged breasts.
  • Reduces pain and swelling after episiotomy and ideal for general perineal pain and soreness.
  • Suitable for use on the lower abdomen following a caesarean section.

For perineal pain, Medichill ‘Cool Cube’ Peri-Pads are applied in the following way:

a) by inserting into sanitary napkins, giving considerable relief of pain and achieving faster ambulation,

b) in a disposable Medichill cover,

c) through own underwear,

d) held on-site by hand


Preliminary testing indicates that by applying Medichill ‘Cool Cube’ Ice Pads to sore or inflamed areas, the need for oral analgesia and patient administered analgesia is reduced.

For perineal pain and breast engorgement we recommend storing the ice pads in the fridge, providing greater softness and comfort.

Medichill is not at this stage available in retail pharmacy. They are however available for you to purchase economically online.

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Patient testimonial

It’s a great product that St John of God Hospital gave me to use during my healing process right after giving birth

My ‘as natural as possible’ birth, I had the epidural plus top ups in the end, went for 21 hours before my beautiful baby girl was born.

I had an episiotomy which is equivalent to a second degree tear. My obstetrician stitched my perineum up and then the midwife placed around 4 frozen Medichill Ice Pad sectors into a sterile non-woven combine (10x20cm) and this was placed on top of a maternity period pad.

After each hour the whole lot was binned due to it being soiled and was not reusable and new ones were then used in the same way. This helped with the swelling and bruising. It was still painful even with the drugs they gave me, panadol & tramadol. Medichill helped take the edge off.

I used Medichill for the first 3 days then a nurse told me that I had to let the blood flow and let area heal itself. It was so painful without the ice. The fifth day a physio came to do a therapeutic ultrasound for my perineal pain and haemerroids. The physio told me it was up to me if I wanted to use the Medichill. I wish I did keep using them during those couple days because it would of saved me a whole lot of discomfort. Total 8 days in hospital because my daughter had jaundice and had to bake under UV lights.

At SJOG hospital, the Medichill is stored in the freezer all cut up into combinations of 3s & 4s. Patients are welcome to help themselves and use them anytime or else they can call a nurse who will get them.

I totally recommend this product for childbirth pain

CS – Western Australia

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